10 Tips to Overcome the Difficulties in an Indian Casino

1. Identify the most critical vendors

Zender estimates that there are fewer than 100 professional card counters worldwide. If you are someone, you can get a 1.5% advantage. So save energy, Zender advises. Look for the blackjack dealer who accidentally ejects the card. Zender once lived to take advantage of this device by keeping a laptop with 35 weak trainees from 16 different casino. This strategy is called “punching card” and gives you a 6 to 9% advantage over the home. (It’s like standing in front of an ATM that spits 20 years!) Best of all? “It’s completely legal,” says Zander. “You can kick me out of the casino, but it will not stop me.”

2. Keep an eye on the price

Recently, casinos have been practicing table games with bikini dealers and resident pole dancers. These pit pit places are called the hole and Vegas looks on the surface: Vegas, alcohol, sin, and skin. But look closely. Although all these rotary legs distract your attention, you will not notice that the casino has reduced the payments on these tables from 3/2 to 6/5. This means that a bet of $ 100 earns only $ 120, compared to $ 150. This basically doubles the edge of the house.

3. Know when to say

The house still enjoys a 5% roulette game. You have a good chance of winning this first round. And second. And the third. But if you play the roulette game forever, the house will take away all your chips. Each casino calculates the point where victory is guaranteed and the magic number is 30,000. (Which is why they attract us with lobster wings and luxury suites.) So if you win, stop.

4. Exploitation of the laws of nature

The roulette wheel is a mechanical tool. Over time, the wheel may explode or the rings between the numbers may be eroded. The more wheel is used, the more simplicity and the number of preference. In 1873, Joseph Jagger found a tasteless wheel in Monte Carlo and bet on biased figures. He went away with $ 400,000 or $ 7.8 million of pulp today!

5. Go big or bankrupt

“The average price of slot machines is probably two to three times the cost of table games,” says Zander. Avoid them. If you insist on throwing a handful, focus on slot machines that cost $ 5 or more and play the maximum bet. Slot machines increase their chances of winning 15% to 20%. You can also throw these coins in a well. Do not forget to wish for something.

6. Do not play keno

Later. Your chances are awful. In some home casinos has a 35% advantage. No player has ever reached 20 digits of a 20-point card. The possibilities for this are 1 to 3.535.316. (It’s 3.5 billion!)

7. Practice makes perfect

If there is an exception to say that the house always wins, Video Poker is. Overall, the home has only 0.46% (some versions favor players). The paytable is displayed directly on the machine and pay high compensation. the hook? To withdraw funds, you must play at the expert level. Casinos are making a profit on video poker because most players do not have enough skill. So I study.

8. Stay away from light

“Ninety percent of people who enter the casino do not have an idea of ​​the possibilities,” says Zander. But if you know what you are looking for, it is easy to see where the odds are worst. Casinos make games with the most modest ratings the most attractive by strengthening them using bright lights and bright colors. For example, in craps, the most dangerous bets – “The Field” and “Any 7” – are the hottest. To improve your chances, you should stick to the sharp side of the room as a rule.

9. Invest in a beautiful watch

There is a reason why you might not see an hour or window on the floor of the house. Casinos want to waste your time playing for as long as possible. For this reason, some casinos prevent sellers from wearing watches. Once you get up a bit, this may be the time to leave the ground and make a new watch for you.

10. Buy your own drinks

The truth is that nothing is free – including free drinks. Each casino has so-called “reinvest player” boxes. It predicts how much money you will lose and then returns a share in the form of companies, which means for the average visitor cocktails filled with water. The fewer chances of success, the better your chance of getting a free drink. for your health!

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