Bet Conditions for Real Money Casino Games in India

A free lunch is not available on the Internet. Our dream for all is to make money without investing, but this is not possible. The same applies to welcome rewards that you are entitled to receive. If casinos start giving you free money you can withdraw immediately, it will not take long. That is why most casino bonuses contain strict revenue requirements that you must meet before you can withdraw the bonus or money earned. Here is a brief summary of the most important terms to know:


Also known as betting. This is the main limitation that protects the casino from bankruptcy. Before you can withdraw welcome bonus funds, you must have completed a certain number of bets. For example, the basic condition of the game multiplied by 50 for a reward of 10,000 euros means that you must spend a total of 500,000 euros before you can pay the bonuses.

Minimum deposit: Minimum deposit is an item that you must follow before you make your first deposit. Most casinos require you to deposit more than a certain amount if you wish to receive a welcome bonus. However, the minimum deposit is usually very low, which makes it rarely a problem. 900 – 2700? You should give an approximate estimate of what to expect.

Contribution to the game: For most casino operators, all games do not have the same weight as gaming needs. The weight of the game is its contribution to the task. For example, the weight of slot machines is always about 100%, which means that a € 500 bet on a slot machine is worth € 500 to meet revenue requirements. However, skill games such as blackjack have a lower weight and some games have a 0% weight, which means they are exempt from the bonus bet.

Validity: Most bonuses have a validity period in which you must use the bonus and meet the requirements of the bet. If you miss the deadline, the reward will end and be removed from your account. The validity period may vary greatly depending on the amount of the bonus. This can take a week or 3-4 months. In general, everything over 30 days is a good thing.

Limited payment methods: Some casinos require a deposit with a specific payment method if you wish to receive a welcome bonus. This is not a daily phenomenon and is highly dependent on the operator and the system used. You should be careful when printing a fine, but in general you will be notified of the payment methods that will qualify you for a reward when you make the first deposit.

The best ways to pay for the legal casino online:

Online payment is one of the biggest obstacles many gamer expect, but famous online casino in India offer you a wide range of payment methods that you can use to your liking. Some of the more experienced players will choose their next casino based on the payment methods they support, while others prefer to adjust quickly and choose the most appropriate way in the location they choose. All casinos support direct bank transfers or use credit and debit cards. However, they also have a large range of electronic portfolios that offer many advantages to Indian players. You can also choose one of the most anonymous options, such as a secure payment card or a famous currency such as Bitcoin.

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